Ramona – The Border Crisis Chatbot

Ramona is an AI-powered Chatbot that answers legal questions surrounding immigration processes and resources at the Mexico-US border. The Chatbot leads the user through the legal paths to asylum and refugee status and informs them of their inalienable rights on American soil.

This App provides Immigration Services to people detained at the US Borders.

I am optimistic of its use in immigrants’ legal journeys and appreciative of its redefining of my first-generation American privilege.

Ramona helps in the immigrants’ legal journeys by asking them a series of questions and leading them towards specific resolutions.

Starts the conversation asking simple questions.

Provides easy to answer multiple-choice questions.

Offers options for various conversation paths.

Provides contact information on legal help.

Shows locations of Refugee centers.

Ramona - Shows Locations of Refugee Centers

Collects leads for legal companies to contact.

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<script src="https://chatbots.syra.ai/projects/2_e56c1426/syra.js" class="syraScript"></script>

Or you can chat with Ramona by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of this page!