Naatak’s 52nd Production: August Osage County.

Naatak’s 52nd Production: August Osage County.

Every naatak that I have seen from Naatak has always something unique about it to offer – sometimes, it’s the script, some other time the dances, sometimes the stage sets or something else – but the latest naatak, August Osage County, is all about pure acting talents. The acting by each and every cast member takes this play to the next level of artistic excellence.

The story delves deep into the dark underbelly of family life, yet has uplifting lighter moments. People are crude and harsh to each other yet are always there for each other (at least most of the times!) Relationship boundaries are crossed with measured steps while dinner plates are broken over frivolous arguments.

The whole experience is kinda like having a dark chocolate – bitter sweet!
Not sure if Karan Johar would make a “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham” kind of a famliy drama movie out of this script but its better left alone as is – pure, dark, dirty and immensely satisfying.

Highly recommend to watch it!


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