Emielyn D. Das, born April 24, 2002, is a singer, actress, and writer. Emielyn’s parents are Bengali and Assamese, both software engineers and startup-founders who instilled in her entrepreneurial spirit. Learning to sing through Quora threads, YouTube videos, and her mom’s understanding of pitch, Emielyn began performing at the age of five, singing a Bengali song for a cultural event and has gone on to perform for hundreds of audiences worldwide. 

Her first experience in acting was in Aparajeeta Tumi, a Bengali movie directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, and fell in love with the world of film. She then participated in many community and school productions, engaging in her community to hone her craft and understanding the true impact of theater. Booking the role of Aliya in Mira Nair’s world premiere of Broadway-bound Monsoon Wedding, Emielyn brought a South Asian story to the world stage, and her involvement in the show established her purpose, to create, and spread meaningful theater. 

Emielyn also has an active online presence. With 15,000 FaceBook likes, 100,000 SoundCloud plays, and a YouTube channel, Emielyn has built her audience as she has grown up, following her journey through her life, favorite moments, and accomplishments. She has recorded over thirty songs, covers and originals, and has released her own EP, a short album consisting of four original songs. 

Emielyn has begun her career as a performer, but is excited about backstage roles in the theater, such as producing, directing, and scriptwriting. Now, she is writing a play that will premiere in Berkeley Repertory Theater’s prestigious Young Writers of Color Collective, and with all of Berkeley Rep’s resources, she hopes to bring to life her story. She produced their Teen One Acts festival the previous year, managing their budget, interviewing and placing directors, and managing marketing. She is taking a directing class at her school, Castilleja, and is excited to be founding the school’s first One Acts Festival! 

Emielyn hopes to take her career far and forever be in touch with the theater and music industry. She is forever grateful for her parents, her sister, and her dog, Liana, who have helped her get however far, and can’t wait to keep sharing her art with the world.