Mira Nair


Returning to her roots in theatre, Mira Ji showed her genius in the staging of Monsoon Wedding. Her vision for the musical was an illustration of dark and unexpected themes enveloped in a spectacular show of love and joy.

Lorin Latarro

Having worked in over 15 Broadway musicals, Latarro reached into the world of Bollywood dance and brought her expertise to create depth and intricacy in every moment onstage.

Arjun Bhasin

(costume design) 
Having worked as the costume designer in the original movie, Arjun Bhasin came back with vibrant and spectacular costumes that embodied the Punjabi spirit!

Namita Kapoor

(associate choreographer) 
Derived from her South Asian ethnicity and American nationality, Namita often works in a hybrid of the two worlds. To Monsoon Wedding, she provided the authenticity and maintained the purity of Punjabi dance!